Boxing sparring set cowhide leather Mexican



Cushioned protection to the fists, which absolutely crucial whether you’re training or competing in a professional bout.

Designed for athletes these gloves uses modern technology with an additional softness provide extra cushion to young bones.

Boxing gloves have gained immense demand by boxers. Made from carefully selected cow hide leather which enhance its strength and durability.

These gloves are uniquely designed with a curved anatomical grip that leads to extreme fit and comfort

Pre-mould quality padding for shock absorption which promises better fitting as well as reinforced protection against injuries along with thumb lock which extends its safety

Lace ups for an excellent wrist support coupled with an ease of taking the gloves on and off with Vented and breathable front palm

The groin guard features a quick drying lining to keep the fighters fresh and comfortable during trainings. The groin guard is produced from the top-quality leather with synthetic interior to provide excellent durability, whereas the gel on the cup’s perimeter is to deliver support and security. The guard is designed to protect the hips, groin and kidneys from very heavy punches and features a hook and loop closure for a perfect fit. The technology makes this fantastic guard breathable and helps to regulate the temperature of the fighter’s body.

Protects groin, hips, and kidneys

Quick drying lining

Cup with gel on the perimeter

Made from high-grade leather with synthetic interior

Hook and loop rear closure

Additional information

Size of gloves

10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Size of groin

Small, Medium, Large, XL


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