GK Premium Leather Glove Kings Shinguards


These are very durable shin guards made from the finest leather the quality is the same across the border
Glove kings is a new mma and thai boxing brand and has received great reviews in the north west for its great quality products at very competitive prices.

The gk shin guards have extra attention for maximum protection of the areas around the lower-leg muscles and areas right under the knee-caps. The GK shin guard was created to combine the highest possible standards of comfort with the required professional safety standards.MMA Professional Cow hide Leather Grappling Shin-Instep Guards have integrated Padding over the ankle and instep that provide additional comfort and enhanced performance structures with 100% genuine leather. This combination of high tech and traditional materials gives you modern day comfort and old fashioned durability and strength. The unique design gives you maximum protection without restricting your mobility. This freedom of movement separates these guards from other bulkier shin guards giving you an edge in training and competitions.

Convenient Adjustable strap
Made from a Cow hide leather
Hook and-loop straps really secure
integrated cover ankle & instep for added comfort & enhanced performance
Secures the guard to the foot & shin even through the most intense scrambles
Engineered for MMA and thai boxing

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