Laxogenin and turkesterone stack


Laxogenin and Turkesterone stack.

Turkesterone Is An Ecdysteroid (ECDY) Which Are Steroid Hormones Found In Arthropods And Insects But Can Also Be Found Naturally In Certain Plant Species. Turkesterone Has Been Found To Aid Athletic Performance and Lean Muscle Growth, Repair And Recovery. Research Also Suggests That It Helps Reduce An Individuals Body Fat Percentage As Well As Support Protein Production and Libido. WITHOUT STEROIDAL SIDE EFFECTS: Unlike Anabolic Steroids And Other Performance Enhancing Supplements.

Turkesterone Does Not Bind To Androgen Receptors, And Therefore Does Not Cause Any Steroidal Side Effects Such As Gyno, Suppressed Testosterone, Acne And Hair Loss (Just To Name A Few). By Stimulating Different Anabolic Pathways, Turkesterone Seems To Be The Most Natural And Anabolic (Muscle Building) Out Of All Ecdysteroids.

It is much safer than other anabolic steroids and prohormones, which may be one reason for the rise in popularity of turkesterone, even though it appears to behave similarly without binding to androgen receptors. Another reason for the popularity of turkesterone is that it is much more effective than other prohormones. Muscle growth, enhanced muscle repair, and increased muscle protein synthesis are all benefits associated with the use of turkesterone. Turkesterone is effective because it improves the efficiency of the mRNA translation process and helps our muscle cells better absorb leucine.

Because of its beneficial effect on protein synthesis, you can achieve a positive nitrogen balance and stop the breakdown of muscle tissue and waste muscle. Some evidence suggests that Turkesterone may also enhance the amount of ATP found in muscle, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the amount of energy and endurance muscles have while exercising.

Last but not least, Turkesterone possesses adaptogenic qualities, which could have beneficial impacts on mental health and could be useful in reducing anxiety. The fact that a PCT or post-cycle therapy is not necessary in order to utilise turkesterone is something that a lot of users truly like about this steroid. Since turkesterone does not produce a rise in testosterone levels, there is no danger of testosterone suppression after using it in a cycle.

Turkesterone improves muscle growth because of it’s affects on the body during the recovery process.

While you are training in the gym, your muscle tissues become damaged and your body is in a catabolic state. This process involves burning tissue for energy.

Once you finish your session, your body will take on what’s called an anabolic state.

This is where muscles grow and gains are made, but only if your body has a positive nitrogen balance.

It’s the nitrogen balance in your body that determines whether you are in a muscle-building mode or a muscle-burning mode.

This is where Turkesterone comes in.

Turkesterone has been shown in multiple studies to improve nitrogen balance which gets your body in an anabolic state for maximum muscle growth.

Dosage Take 1 to 2 Capsules daily, preferrably with a meal, for a minimum of 30 days. How to take Turkesterone To achieve optimum results, a 8-12 week Turkesterone cycle should be considered

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Every hard-training athlete wants to make gains in their performance and physique, but not every athlete wants to jump head first into the world of anabolics, where the rewards are monumental, but so are the risks. Beastmode Labs realizes that all athletes want to build muscle and increase performance and have created the ultimate all-natural muscle building supplement in Laxogenin.

Laxogenin is a non-hormonal muscle builder to enhance strength, recovery, and lean muscle mass as well as decrease body fat levels. Laxogenin is perfect for men and women as it won’t affect your hormone levels, but will significantly enhance your performance and physique.

We took the highly potent ingredient Laxogenin and turned it up a notch. Ok, how about 4 notches! 100mg of 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin per capsules. That absolutely destroys the competition mg for mg, by a mile.

What’s the hype over laxogenin Studies have shown that in mega doses (like the one we’re providing) laxogenin drastically improves nitrogen retention and can increase protein synthesis by over 200%. These types of instances of muscle enhancement usually only occur when a person is using super psychological doses of potent anabolic steroids. And that’s the catch of Laxogenin; It’s actually a plant derived steroid that acts as the building blocks to signal our own body to produce more hormones naturally. In addition to this, it also suppresses cortisol, a very powerful and negative stress hormone. With less cortisol present in the body we have primed ourselves for greater fat loss and more muscular gains.

Laxogenin is the perfect synergistic product to use alongside any growth-related supplement. If you are ready to literally take supplementation to never seen before levels, Laxogenin is it.

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We believe you will see great benefits using the laxogenin and turkesterone stack.

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