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Lean rip are an optimum formulation of the strongest and most effective weight-loss and energy boosting ingredients available. When used synergistically with a sensible diet and exercise program, Lean rip can propel your energy levels and help you achieve your physique goals. One of the key components of Lean rip is caffeine, which has been proven to boost the rate of fat loss. Combined with a full spectrum of active ingredients, Lean rip can provide your workout with an explosive boost in energy.

Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that can help improve alertness and provide a more intense mental focus. During a workout or while playing sports caffeine helps to mobilize fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as fuel, thus sparing glycogen. The glycogen saved at the beginning of a workout is then available during the later stages of exercise and fatigue and exhaustion are prolonged.

Green Tea extract is rich in polyphenols and catechins, to be useful for weight management since it induces thermogenesis and stimulates fat oxidation. A type of catechin prevalent in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), is said to increase resting metabolism and stimulate fat-burning. With a green tea extract you can significantly boost your 24-hour energy expenditure to create the perfect environment for maximum fat burning.

Niacin is involved in excess of 60 different metabolic processes and these are ultimately related to the production of energy. This vitamin helps enzymes function so that the chemical reactions can take place properly and is involved in the production of steroid hormones and cellular respiration. Most importantly though, this vitamin helps to convert the food you eat into energy and it is this property in particular that is used to promote weight loss.

Bitter Orange promotes healthy weight loss and supports optimal physical performance by stimulating metabolic processes, raising resting metabolic rate and facilitating the uptake of amino acids into muscles. Studies also show that bitter orange may promote lipolysis (fat breakdown) and contribute to feelings of satiety (fullness) so you feel less hungry throughout the day. Guarana has been used for centuries, as the early natives would use it to make teas that would suppress hunger for weight loss.

Guarana is used today in certain energy drinks and weight loss supplements to support weight loss by providing stimulation and combating hunger. Guarana may promote weight loss by kick starting the nervous system to induce the process of lipolysis. This process involves the release of fat into the blood stream where it is used as energy during exercise.

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of the body’s valuable amino-acids, providing essential support for fat blasting and energy-making processes in a healthy body. The way N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine works with your mitochondria helps your body metabolize fat. That makes it an incredible prospect for weight loss as well as for mental function, since the nervous system relies on certain fats. Without N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, the mitochondria can’t absorb and metabolize fatty acids.

Fasted training with Lean rip

Before training fasted take 1 to 2 Lean rip tablets with water 45 minutes prior to exercise. Ingesting Lean rip before exercise increases catecholamine production, resulting in increased fat mobilisation perfect for fasted training. Your body is in a “fasted” state when insulin is at a baseline level, and your body is relying on its energy stores. For an averaged sized meal, it takes four to five hours for your body to enter the fasted state. Exercise done in the fasted state accelerates fat loss. Weight training in a fasted state is particularly effective. As an added bonus, research has shown that weightlifting in a fasted state results in an improved anabolic response to a post-workout meal. In addition, blood flow in the abdominal region is increased when you’re in a fasted state, which means the catecholamines can reach the stubborn fat easier, resulting in more stubborn fat mobilisation. Fasted training first thing in the morning has an added benefit, as fasting for longer than 6 hours increases your body’s ability to burn fat. Fasted training does have one significant drawback, however accelerated breakdown of muscle tissue. Fortunately, preventing this is simple. You should supplement with BCAAs 10 – 15 minutes before training, which will suppress muscle breakdown during your workout.

Weight training with Lean rip

Before Weight training take 1 to 2 Lean rip Capsules with water 45 minutes prior to exercise. Ingesting Lean rip before Weight training is a vital component in decreasing abdominal fat and the key to burning fat at rest. Weight training is an anaerobic activity that will often cause you to burn more calories per minute than aerobic exercise. The calories that you are burning during weight training exercises are mostly calories from carbohydrates (because weight training is usually shorter in duration than endurance exercise), but the calories you burn at rest are mostly calories from fat. The reason you are burning fat at rest is because weight training increases lean muscle mass, which is highly metabolic and therefore increases your basal metabolic rate, which uses your stored fat as energy. To make your body the ultimate fat-burning machine, you should do a combination of aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (weight training) exercises. Many people do not realise how powerful weight training is when it comes to getting six-pack abs. But the truth is lifting weights and getting stronger is one of the best things you can do to burn away unwanted fat! Your focus should not be on isolated movements like bicep curls or tricep extensions, but should instead be focused on doing key compound movements that will really help build up the lean muscle and eliminate unwanted fat.

Scorch stubborn fat with HIIT sprinting

Lean rip can help support fat loss by enhancing metabolism, maintaining healthy appetite, and minimising cravings. Why not use Lean rip with a HIIT sprinting programme, quite simply one of the best workouts you can do when it comes to fat loss. Sprints will not only help with eliminating unwanted fat, but it will also aid in really making your abs “pop” like never before. If you have a park, outdoor track, or hill by your house we recommend jumping on that right away. Before HIIT sprinting take 1 to 2 Lean rip Capsules with water 45 minutes prior to exercise for maximum results.

Here are the principles:

1. Warm up for three minutes light jogging and walking

2. Then, go all out, as hard as you can sprinting for 15 seconds

3. Recover for 30 seconds

4. Repeat 14 more times, for a total of 15 repetitions

5. Cool down for a few minutes afterwards by cutting down your intensity by 50-80%.

More great nutrition tips:

Try and eat 4-8 smaller meals per day. Having more smaller meals each day has brought better results in terms of fat loss than eating a few larger meals each day.
Eating the same few healthy meals over and over is the easiest way to eat healthy. Find 2-4 that you enjoy and stick with them.
Prepare meals in advance and cook in bulk. This will always ensure you have incredibly healthy foods on hand and will make you less likely to go out and eat junk food.
Remove all the junk food from your house. If there is no junk food to eat, there is a 100% guarantee you won’t eat it!
Lean rip may help with the following:

Boost the rate of fat loss.
Increased Energy.
Reduce Muscle Fatigue.
Increase Intra-Workout Performance.
Increased metabolic rate.
Suggested use
To support weight-loss: take 1 capsules 2 times per day 4 to 6 hours apart

Energy/Pre-workout: take 2 capsules 45 minutes prior to exercise.

Bottle contains
120 rapid release Capsules.

Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg, Bitter Orange 150mg, Niacin 16mg, Green Tea 40% Extract 10mg, Guarana 10mg, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine 2mg, Gelatine, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Best before
See base of container.

Allergen warning
This product is manufactured on equipment which processes products containing nuts, dairy products, lactose, food colours & flavourings.
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Nutrition king was founded by pharmacists who are passionate about sports and fitness, so we decided to put together a nutrition brand which has the best quality products possible at the best prices using the most effective ingredients. We are also extremely passionate and proud of each and every one of the products that we design and produce. We are constantly striving to create all of our products to the highest possible quality using carefully sourced and packaged ingredients whilst simultaneously bringing them to you at the lowest possible price, a price that we know our customers can feel confident about.

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